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AgnosticUI + Vest === 💪🏽

The form below uses agnostic-svelte for the UI primitives, and Vest for the form validation. Each field validates only after you've “touched” the field and the submit button is not enabled until the entire form is considered valid.


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So far I've been impressed with Vest's cohesion focusing solely on validity—it reminds me a bit of a shell tool you'd pipe to get some work done quickly. As such, it adheres to the Unix adage “do one-thing and do it well” aka DOTADIW making it a perfect fit for AgnosticUI.

Some of Vest's features are:

  • It's fairly lightweight at 23.7 kB minified ⚡
  • No need to learn a whole new DSL—you must have used Jest, Jasmine, Mocha, or Cypress at some point right!? Everything looks familiar so you feel smart 🤓
  • It's modular and declarative 🔥
  • Works with React, Vue, Svelte, and even Vanilla JavaScript 😎
  • Quick to learn and their site has demo sandboxes in React, Vue, Svelte and JavaScript 💪
  • Flexibility. For example, with AgnosticUI I don't need 'vest/classNames' so I simply omit it! No problem 👍
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